In our experience it isn’t necessarily how people do something that is important, it is why they do it that dictates the outcome. For example: Have you ever been to a fast food place and had a different level of customer experience? Of course you have. All of the employees of that establishment have gone through the same training so their “how” is the same but for some reason the experience varies.

At Black Dog Marketing we believe this in our core and this is why we are here.


We need to put the “service” back in service-based business

There are a lot of companies out there (especially in the online realm) that provide very little value or service to their customers. They get paid to do a job, do it and then move on to the next customer. This is fine for small one-off projects but many times clients want more help. They have questions, need answers and don’t have anybody to turn to. At Black Dog Marketing we are that company that you can rely on. Many of our clients have been with us for 7,8,9 and more years because they require a certain level of service and we are happy to oblige. We are all about the long term relationship.


Small businesses need the help

As a small business ourselves, we understand the challenges that are faced every day. Not enough hours in the day? We get it. Don’t have a lot of money to waste on products/services that don’t work? We understand. As entrepreneurs and business owners, we understand that the best use of your time is to do what you are best at. Focus on your strengths. For most, marketing isn’t their strength. Maybe they can do it or have been stuck with the role in the past but it isn’t the best use of their time. The best partnership we can forge is when you allow us to do what we do best. When both of out companies are working side by side with the singular purpose of helping your business succeed … that is when magic happens.


We respect the craft and love the challenge

We live in a time like no others. Technology is progressing at such a rapid pace that if you try to keep track of each and every new bright and shiny object – you’ll burn out… Fast!. Marketing isn’t always about leveraging the newest bright-shiny object. Sometimes good old-fashioned direct response is what is required to get the prospect, the lead or the sale. By having a firm understanding of new and old (i.e. respecting the craft and the work done by those before us), Black Dog Marketing can come up with the right solution for your business to achieve YOUR GOALS. Not ours.