Your Prospective Customer Has a Problem! An Irresistible Lead Magnet Can Solve It.

The Law of Reciprocity basically states that if you do something nice for somebody, they are going to have a strong psychological urge to do something nice in return. In other words, if you scratch my back, I’m more likely to scratch yours back and repay the favor.

When you put a lead magnet in front of your perfect client, it is going to help them solve a problem they are having. You have made the first step – you have scratched their back first.

A LEAD MAGNET is any piece of valuable content, real or perceived, that we can give to a new prospect in exchange for their name and an e-mail address.

When people are searching online, they typically look for one of the two different things.

  1. Entertainment
  2. Looking to Solve a Problem

A lead magnet solves the problem they are having. It’s basically like walking up to someone in real life and helping them out of a sticky situation. It is an opportunity to flex your professional muscles and show this new prospect that you know your stuff, and from their perspective, they are loving you right now!

This makes the follow up conversation and eventual offer better received. It goes against what most people do online and this is how we stand out from the competition.

Why do we use Lead Magenets?

  1. To collect a name and e-mail address to continue conversations with our prospects even after they have left our sites.
  2. To qualify and segment leads so you can have different lead magnets for your different products and services you offer.
  3. To set up a sale down the road.

Now that you have helped a prospective customer out of a jam, chances are they will be more receptive to your follow up conversations. After all…they kinda owe you a little back scratch in return!

Now It’s Your Turn

Use the comments section below and tell me an example of a successful lead magnet you have offered and how it solved a problem your customer was having?

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