5 Ways To Close More Sales Without Being An Obnoxious Jerk

I’m going to say a dirty word and I want you to try and not cringe—sales.

Up there with “networking” and “2 year old birthday party”, sales is one of those words that makes most people seize up or look for the nearest fire escape.But it doesn’t have to be torture.

People are sick and tired of hard and fast sales techniques. They’re smart enough to know when they’re being sold to, and don’t really like it. Enter—relationship sales tactics.

Relationship sales tactics refers to building a relationship with prospects, learning their wants and needs, before asking for a sale. If you’re doing content marketing, social media or any other type of long-term marketing, relationship selling is the perfect compliment process.

But if you’re not winning any sales person of the year awards, take a peek at these 5 easy ways to get started with relationship selling.

1 Relax & Be Confident

The first step is to just take a deep breath and relax. When you’re confident your prospects become confident in you and your message. Do your homework, know all the answers and avoid using filler words when you speak like “um” and “well”.

2 Imagine You’re Speaking To The Most Interesting Person In The World

Even though you’re the sales person, that doesn’t mean you have to do all the talking. Ask your prospects questions about how you can help solve their problems. Give them your undivided attention, and listen to everything they say. Empty your brain while they’re talking and hang on their every word. They will take notice to the level of attention.

3 Speak Like A Therapist

When we’re excited, nervous or just not our usual selves, we tend to speak faster and at a higher pitch. This change in tone shows a lack of confidence and can be a little rough on the ears. So just breathe, slow down and lower your tone. Don’t try and sound like an anchorman, just try and replicate your normal speaking tone as much as possible.

4 Be Patient

People want to feel as if what they say matters. And it’s impossible to feel important if someone is finishing your sentences or telling your what you think. So never do it to prospects (or anyone for that matter).

Even if you’re 150% sure what they’re going to say, let them say it. Not only will it help them feel like they’re being heard, it will help with your listening skills. Meaning you’ll be able to better understand their needs throughout the sales process.

5 Move Your Head

Why do we love having full on conversations with our dogs?

Even though they can’t speak, and probably have absolutely no idea what we’re saying most of the time, they seem interested. And I’m not talking about their glossy eyed stares.

Small head tilts express that not only are you listening to what is being said, but that you’re digesting it in your mind and taking it to heart. Throw in a few head nods every now and again to show that you agree with the points your prospect is making.

Long Story Short

There are dozens of little tips and tricks to improve your sales skills. But it all boils down to understanding and respecting prospective clients. Because deep down that’s all they really want. The best sales people are people who make their clients feel special, smart or interesting.

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