Demand Generation

Build brand awareness and engagement with effective demand-generation services. 

Strategic Demand Generation Services for Professional Organizations

Your business offers a product or service that a certain customer base needs. They just may not know that they need it — yet.

Demand generation is a marketing strategy that connects your goods or services with the right audience and raises awareness about your offerings to that audience. In other words, it creates demand for your business, ultimately driving sales. 

At Black Dog Marketing, we’ve developed a tried-and-true strategy to build demand for your products or services, generate leads, and boost your conversions. We’ll put together a customized demand-generation strategy that caters to your target audience and includes the perfect blend of marketing activities. Contact Black Dog Marketing today to learn more. 

Boost Your Sales with Demand Generation

Demand generation is a necessary starting point to drive more sales and grow your business. If you’re ready to generate more interest, awareness, and engagement in your business, allow us to develop a custom demand-generation strategy for your business.

What Is Demand Generation?

If your business is struggling with sales, one of your problems could be that people don’t know they need your services or products. Demand generation is the solution to this issue. 

Some industries don’t require much demand generation, as they offer a service that is already in high demand — such as plumbing, HVAC, or roofing. But in most cases, a target audience may take a little convincing to become paying customers. 

Through our demand generation services, we will increase awareness about and engagement in your products or services, making sure that individuals within your target audience fully understand how your company can benefit them. This knowledge will set up these people to become qualified leads — signing up for your email list, following you on social media, or taking other steps to engage with your company. 

What Does Demand Generation Involve?

Many tasks go into increasing demand for your products or services. With over 25 years of experience in the marketing industry, we’ve had plenty of time to nail down the steps in an effective demand-generation process. 

When you partner with our expert marketers, we’ll work through all of these processes as part of your demand generation strategy: 

Understanding Your Buyer Persona

Before you can raise awareness about your products, you need to understand your target audience. What types of people are most likely to hire your company or buy your products? These people make up your buyer persona, or your ideal customer profile.  Buyer personas are semi-fictional descriptions that can help you understand your target audience better. Instead of considering the abstract qualities that make up your ideal customer, you can home in on specific aspects of their personalities, then shape your demand generation strategy around those qualities.  Your buyer persona may include any of these details about your ideal customer:
  • Their age and gender
  • Their interests and hobbies
  • Their challenges or struggles
  • Their income and education level
We’ll conduct market research and competitor research to create a few buyer persona descriptions. These in-depth analyses can help us shape our demand generation tactics accordingly and give you valuable information about your target audience. 

Generating Interest in Your Services

Your ideal customers need to be aware that your products or services exist before they’ll even come close to purchasing them. Generating interest in your goods or services may involve a variety of tasks, such as:
  • Posting on social media
  • Creating PPC or search engine ads
  • Sharing blog posts that answer related questions
  • Creating informational graphics that teach users about your products
  • Posting engaging videos
The goal of generating interest will be to show your customer base that your products or services can benefit them and create a sense of urgency around your offerings.  At this stage, your demand generation strategy will focus on the general benefits of your types of products or services instead of on what sets you apart from competitors. Once a person understands why they need your offerings, you can focus on why you’re the best choice for that type of service or product.

Building Brand Awareness

Your potential customers also need to know that your brand exists and understand when types of services and products you bring to the table. Brand awareness is another crucial step in the demand-generation process. It involves bringing attention to your company through organic and paid strategies.  Our team can create engaging, informative PPC ads that target the types of people who fit your buyer persona. We can also implement search engine optimization strategies to help more people find your business when searching on Google for your types of services.

Positioning Your Offerings as the Best Choice

Your demand generation strategies need to be highly targeted to your business — not just your industry. Raising awareness about your services in general benefits your competitors as much as your business.  Through our demand generation process, we’ll position your company as the best choice for individuals looking for your type of offerings. We’ll do this by:
  • Showcasing your authority within your industry
  • Elevating your company above competitors
  • Engaging potential customers through email, social media, and other forms of communication
At this stage, your customer base will have all the tools they need to make an informed buying decision. While not every person will turn into a paying customer, you’ll increase your high-quality leads, or people who may become customers down the line. 

Why Choose Black Dog Marketing for Demand Generation?

Demand generation is a lesser-known digital marketing service, as many companies incorporate it into other services. But we believe that demand generation marketing deserves its own service subcategory, as this process is crucial to your business’s success. 

As a small, in-house digital marketing agency with decades of industry experience, we know the types of demand generation strategies that perform best. We take a personalized approach to digital marketing that allows clients to see results faster and grow their businesses more effectively. 

Boost Your Sales with Demand Generation

Demand generation is a necessary starting point to drive more sales and grow your business. If you’re ready to generate more interest, awareness, and engagement in your business, allow us to develop a custom demand-generation strategy for your business.