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Let us help you retain customers, engage your audience, and grow your business with a professional email marketing campaign.

High-Quality Emails That Engage Your Customer Base

How do you engage with your customers when you’re not talking to them face to face? Maintaining customer relationships between purchases and service appointments is essential to a successful retention strategy. You don’t want your customers to forget about you — or think you’ve forgotten about them.

Email marketing is a sure-fire strategy to keep your company name at the top of your customers’ minds. But you need to approach it strategically to make sure your customers don’t lump your emails in with the junk mail they receive every day.

Email Marketing Done Right.

At Black Dog Marketing, email marketing is our specialty. We send over 1.2 million emails for our clients every year, and our emails regularly help businesses increase retention, profitability, and sales. It’s easy to craft a winning email marketing campaign when you work with Black Dog Marketing.

Our Email Marketing Strategy

In our over 25 years of experience in the marketing industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about email marketing. In that time, we’ve crafted a tried-and-true strategy that delivers results for our clients — every time. Here are the steps we’ll follow to grow your business with email marketing.

1. Email List Building

Your emails need to reach the right people to provide any benefits for your company. We’ll begin by setting up a game plan to build your email list, including current customers, past customers, leads, and prospects. 

We can gather email information in a few ways:

  • Through a contact form on your website (that provides a special offer when people sign up)
  • By reaching out to your current customers to update their contact information
  • By implementing new lead generation offers 
  • Through paid ads

We’ll evaluate your existing email list and craft a custom strategy to expand it.

2. Template Creation

We offer pre-made and custom email templates to use for your email marketing campaign. We discuss your goals for the campaign, send you some of our templates, and discuss any customizations we can make to tailor them to your branding. 

Having your email templates ready to go streamlines the rest of your email campaign. We just need to insert the content before rolling out emails to your customer base.

3. Campaign Scheduling

Next, we create a detailed schedule indicating when your emails will send to specific audiences. For instance, you may want to contact prospects and leads a few times a week, while current customers may benefit from less-frequent contact.

We don’t have to guess at the right schedule for your company. After learning your goals, we put a schedule into place that we know will deliver results.

4. Testing + Optimization

After finalizing your schedule, we are ready to begin sending the first emails in your campaign. We take this time to conduct A/B testing: sending two different emails to customers within a specific group and evaluating which version performs better.

With the data we gather from our testing, we can determine which type of emails your audience responds to best. 

5. Tracking + Reporting

We continually monitor your email campaign’s performance and make changes to optimize your content. We examine several key performance indicators (KPIs) for each email, including:

  • Open rate: The number of users who opened the email
  • Click-through rate: The number of users who clicked on links in the email
  • Conversion rate: The number of users who completed a desired action after reading the email, such as making a purchase or taking advantage of a special offer
  • Bounce rate: The number of emails that did not reach the target user due to an error with their mail or inbox
  • Forwarding rate: The number of users who forwarded or shared the email

Evaluating these metrics can help us understand any changes we need to make to improve your campaign. 

6. Automation

Once we have your basic email campaign in place, we can begin automating it. Using automation software, we can send the right emails to the right people at the right time — with the click of a button.

Our Email Marketing Platforms

We use a few different email service providers to build, send, manage, and automate email campaigns for our clients. Each platform offers unique benefits for businesses.

We help you choose the right software based on your business’s budget, goals, and customer base, then set you up to begin automating your email campaign long-term. 

Some of the platforms we work with include:



Constant Contact








Google Workspace

and more ...

Types of Marketing Emails

We make the most of your email campaigns by crafting a wide range of email types. Different emails target different customers, and with a comprehensive strategy in place, we make sure all of the groups in your email list receive the messaging they need to become loyal customers. 

The most common types of emails we send for clients include:

  • Welcome emails: Emails that welcome customers to your email list and provide a special new-customer offer
  • Promotional emails: Emails that promote special discounts and deals your business is running
  • Email newsletters: Emails updating your customer base about changes to your business, upcoming discounts, new product offerings, and other news
  • Reminder emails: Emails reminding users of upcoming service appointments or past-due services
  • Post-purchase emails: Emails that review the details of a recent purchase

If you ever want to send an email that doesn’t fit into one of these categories, just let us know! We’d be happy to customize your email strategy to your business’s needs. 

Launch Your Professional Email Marketing Campaign Today

Engaging your customers through email doesn’t need to be difficult. When you work with Black Dog Marketing, you enjoy hands-off email marketing that improves customer loyalty, converts leads to customers, and builds your brand.